Tutorial: Setting Up Your Site and Project Files

Tutorial: Setting Up Your Site and Project Files

This tutorial introduces you to the concept of a Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 site and shows you how to set up the project files for the Cafe Townsend sample website. In Dreamweaver, a site generally consists of two parts: a collection of files on a local computer (the local site), and a location on a remote web server that you upload the files to when you’re ready to make them publicly available (the remote site). You use the Dreamweaver Files panel to manage the files for your site.

The most common approach to creating a website with Dreamweaver is to create and edit pages on your local disk, and then upload copies of those pages to a remote web server for viewing on the web. In this tutorial you’ll only learn how to set up the local site so that you can begin building web pages right away. Later, after you’ve completed the website, you’ll learn how to create a remote site so that you can upload your files to a web server.

In this tutorial, you will complete the following tasks:

Learn about Dreamweaver sites

Set up your project files

Define a local folder

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