Tutorial: Working with Code

Tutorial: Working with Code

As you add text, images, and other content to a web page, Dreamweaver 8 generates HTML code. This tutorial explains how to use Code view to display a document’s underlying code, and how to add and edit code manually.

If you’ve already set up your site and completed the previous tutorials, you can continue working in the same index.html file.

If you haven’t completed the previous tutorials, you can still complete this tutorial. First, set up your site by following the instructions in Tutorial: Setting Up Your Site and Project Files. Next, use the index_code.html file in the cafe_townsend/completed_files/dreamweaver folder to complete this tutorial. The index_code.html is a duplicate copy of the finished index.html file from Tutorial: Formatting Your Page with CSS.

In this tutorial, you will complete the following tasks:

Look at the code

Switch to the coding workspace (Windows only)

Add a tag with the Tag Chooser

Edit a tag

Look up information about a tag

Add an image with code hints

Check your changes

Print your code

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