Web application example

Web application example

Janet is a professional web designer and longtime Dreamweaver user responsible for maintaining the intranet and Internet sites of a medium-sized company of 1000 employees. One day, Chris from Human Resources comes to her with a problem. HR administers an employee fitness program that gives employees points for every mile walked, biked, or run. Each employee must report his or her monthly mile totals in an e-mail to Chris. At the end of the month, Chris gathers all the e-mail messages and awards employees small cash prizes according to their point totals.

Chris’s problem is that the fitness program has grown too successful. So many employees now participate that Chris is inundated with e-mails at the end of each month. Chris asks Janet if a web-based solution exists.

Janet proposes an intranet-based web application that performs the following tasks:

  • Lets employees enter their mileage on a web page using a simple HTML form
  • Stores the employees’ mileage in a database
  • Calculates fitness points based on the mileage data
  • Lets employees track their monthly progress
  • Gives Chris one-click access to point totals at the end of each month

Janet gets the application up and running before lunchtime using Dreamweaver, which has the tools she needs to build this kind of application quickly and easily.

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