Laying Out Pages with CSS

Laying Out Pages with CSS

In Macromedia Dreamweaver 8, you can use CSS styles to lay out your page. You can either insert div tags manually and apply CSS positioning styles to them, or you can use Dreamweaver layers to create your layout. A layer in Dreamweaver is an HTML page element--specifically, a div tag, or any other tag--that has an absolute position assigned to it.

Whether you use CSS, tables, or frames to lay out your pages, Dreamweaver has rulers and grids for visual guidance in your layout. Dreamweaver also has a tracing image feature, which you can use to re-create a page design that was created in a graphics application.

This chapter contains the following sections:

About layers in Dreamweaver

Inserting a layer

Setting layer preferences and properties

Managing layers

Manipulating layers

Converting layers to tables

Animating layers

Inserting div tags for layout

Working with div tags for layout

Changing the highlight color for div tags

Working with CSS layout visualization

Using rulers, guides, and the grid to lay out pages

Using a tracing image

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Laying Out Pages with CSS
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