Creating a timeline by dragging a path

Creating a timeline by dragging a path

If you want to create an animation with a complex path, it may be more efficient to record the path as you drag the layer rather than creating individual keyframes.

To create a timeline by dragging a path:

  1. Select a layer.
  2. Move the layer to where it should be when animation begins.

    Make sure you have selected the layer; if the insertion point is in the layer, the layer is not selected. To select a layer, click the layer marker or the layer selection handle, or use the Layers panel. For more information, see Manipulating layers.

  3. Select Modify > Timeline > Record Path of Layer.
  4. Drag the layer around the page to create a path.
  5. Release the layer at the point where the animation should stop.

    Dreamweaver adds an animation bar to the timeline, containing the appropriate number of keyframes.

  6. In the Timelines panel, click the Rewind button; then hold down the Play button to preview your animation.

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