Setting the Layers Preferences dialog box options

Setting the Layers Preferences dialog box options

The purpose of this dialog box is to set Layers preferences.

To complete the Layers Preferences dialog box:

  1. Specify any of the following options:

    Visibility determines whether layers are visible by default.

    The options are default, inherit, visible, and hidden. For more information about those options, see Setting layer properties.

    Width and Height specify a default width and height (in pixels) for layers you create using Insert > Layer.

    Background Color specifies a default background color.

    Select a color from the color picker.

    Background Image specifies a default background image.

    Click Browse to locate the image file on your computer.

    Nesting: Nest when Created Within a Layer specifies whether a layer that you draw starting from a point within the boundaries of an existing layer should be a nested layer. Hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Macintosh) to temporarily change this setting while you’re drawing a layer.

    Netscape 4 Compatibility: Add Resize Fix When Inserting a Layer inserts JavaScript code in the head content of the document to fix a known problem in Netscape 4 browsers that causes layers to lose their positioning coordinates when a visitor resizes a browser window.

    The JavaScript forces the page to reload each time the browser window is resized, re-assigning the layers to the correct position. You can also add or remove the JavaScript code manually, by selecting Commands > Add/Remove Netscape Resize Fix.

  2. Click OK.

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