About Dreamweaver templates

About Dreamweaver templates

A template author designs a "fixed" page layout in a template. The author then creates regions in the template that are editable in documents based on that template; if the author does not define a region as editable, then template users cannot edit content in that area. Templates enable template authors to control which page elements template users--such as writers, graphic artists, or other web developers--can edit. There are several types of template regions the template author can include in a document.

One of the most powerful uses of templates is the ability to update multiple pages at once. A document that is created from a template remains connected to that template (unless you detach the document later). You can modify a template and immediately update the design in all documents based on it.

This section covers the following conceptual topics:

  • Types of template regions
  • Templates and template-based documents in Design and Code views
  • Template tag syntax
  • Links in templates
  • Nested templates
  • Server scripts in templates and template-based documents
  • Template parameters
  • Template expressions

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