Links in templates

Links in templates

To create a link in a template file, use the folder icon or the Point-to-File icon in the Property inspector; don’t type in the name of the file to link to. If you type the name, the link might not work. This section explains how Dreamweaver handles links in templates.

When you create a template file from an existing page, then save that page as a template, Dreamweaver updates the links so they point to the same files as before. Because templates are saved in the Templates folder, the path for a document-relative link changes when you save the page as a template. In Dreamweaver, when you create a new document based on that template and save the new document, all the document-relative links are updated to continue to point to the correct files.

When you add a new document-relative link to a template file, however, if you type the path into the link text box in the Property inspector, it’s easy to enter the wrong path name. The correct path is the path from the Templates folder to the linked document, not the path from the template-based document’s folder to the linked document.

For information about linking using the Point-to-File icon, see Linking files and documents.

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