Updating templates in a Contribute site

Updating templates in a Contribute site

Contribute users can’t make changes to a Dreamweaver template. You can, however, use Dreamweaver to change a template for a Contribute site

The following are important factors to keep in mind when updating templates in a Contribute site:

  • Contribute retrieves new and changed templates from the site only when Contribute starts up and when a Contribute user changes their connection information. If you make changes to a template while a Contribute user is editing a file based on that template, the user won’t see the changes to the template until they restart Contribute.
  • If you remove an editable region from a template, a Contribute user editing a page based on that template might be confused about what to do with the content that was in that editable region.

To edit a template in a Contribute site:

  1. Edit the template using Dreamweaver.

    For more information, see Opening a template for editing.

  2. Tell all of the Contribute users who are working on the site to exit Contribute and restart it.

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