Setting options for the Editable Tag Attributes dialog box

Setting options for the Editable Tag Attributes dialog box

The purpose of this dialog box is to make attributes for the selected tag editable.

  1. Do one of the following to select the attribute:
    • If the attribute you want to make editable is listed in the Attribute pop-up menu, select it.
    • If the attribute you want to make editable isn’t listed in the Attribute pop-up menu, click Add, and in the dialog box that opens, enter the name of the attribute you want to add, then click OK.
  2. Make sure the Make Attribute Editable option is selected.
  3. In the Label text box, enter a unique name for the attribute.
  4. In the Type pop-up menu, select the type of value allowed for this attribute by setting one of the following options:
    • To enable a user to enter a text value for the attribute, select Text.

      For example, you can use text with the align attribute; the user can then set the attribute’s value to left, right, or center.

    • To insert a link to an element, such as the file path to an image, select URL.

      Using URL allows Dreamweaver to automatically update the path used in a link. If the user moves the image to a new folder, the Update Links dialog appears.

    • To make the color picker available for selecting a value, select Color.
    • To enable a template user to type a numerical value to update an attribute (for example, to change the height or width values of an image), select Number.
  5. The Default Value text box displays the value of the selected tag attribute in the template. Enter a new value in this text box to set a different initial value for the parameter in the template-based document.
  6. (Optional) If you want to make changes to another attribute of the selected tag, select the attribute, then complete the dialog box for that attribute.
  7. Click OK.

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