Presenting Content with Tables

Presenting Content with Tables

Tables are a powerful tool for presenting tabular data and for laying out text and graphics on a page.

Many designers use tables to lay out web pages. Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 provides two ways to view and manipulate tables: Standard mode, in which tables are presented as a grid of rows and columns, and Layout mode, which allows you to draw, resize, and move boxes on the page while still using tables for the underlying structure (see Laying Out Pages in Layout Mode).

This chapter contains the following sections:

About tables

Inserting a table and adding content

Importing and exporting tabular data

Selecting table elements

Using Expanded Tables mode for easier table editing

Formatting tables and cells

Resizing tables, columns, and rows

Adding and removing rows and columns

Splitting and merging cells

Copying, pasting, and deleting cells

Nesting tables

Sorting tables

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