Setting the Format Table dialog box options

Setting the Format Table dialog box options

This dialog box allows you to select a preformatted table design to apply to a table.

To complete the Format Table dialog box:

  1. Select a design scheme from the list on the left.

    The sample table displays an example of the chosen design.

  2. Specify the following options:

    Row Colors options specify the colors to apply to rows, and how frequently the colors alternate.

    Top Row options specify the alignment, text style, background color, and text color for the top row of the table, which may contain column headings.

    Left Col options specify the alignment and text style for the left column of the table, which may contain row headings.

    Border is the width, in pixels, of the table’s borders.

    Apply All Attributes to TD Tags Instead of TR Tags applies the design to the table cells (td tags) rather than table rows (tr tags).

    By default, the formatting specified in the Format Table dialog box is applied to entire rows rather than to individual cells. When you’re applying the same format to all the cells in a row, applying the format to the tr tag produces cleaner, more concise HTML code. However, this option allows you to apply the formatting to individual cells if that’s your coding preference. For more information, see Formatting tables and cells.

  3. Do one of the following:
    • Click Apply to apply the format to your table without closing the dialog box. Then make changes to the formatting or click OK or Cancel to close the dialog box.
    • Click OK to apply the format to your table and close the dialog box.

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