Setting the Import Tabular Data dialog box options

Setting the Import Tabular Data dialog box options

This dialog box allows you to specify information about a tabular data file and to specify attributes for the table to be created using that data.

To complete the Import Tabular Data dialog box:

  1. Specify the following options:

    Data File is the name of the file to import. Click the Browse button to select a file.

    Delimiter is the delimiter used in the file you’re importing.

    If you select Other, a text box appears to the right of the pop-up menu. Enter the delimiter used in your file.

    Table Width is the width of the table that will be created.

    • Select Fit to Data to make each column wide enough to fit the longest text string in the column.
    • Select Set to specify a fixed table width in pixels or as a percentage of the browser window’s width.

    Cell Padding is the number of pixels between a cell’s content and the cell boundaries.

    Cell Spacing is the number of pixels between adjacent table cells.

    Format Top Row determines what formatting, if any, is applied to the top row of the table. Select from four formatting options: no formatting, bold, italic, or bold italic.

    Border specifies the width, in pixels, of the table’s borders.

  2. Click OK.

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