About frames and framesets

About frames and framesets

A frame is a region in a browser window that can display an HTML document independent of what’s being displayed in the rest of the browser window.

A frameset is an HTML file that defines the layout and properties of a set of frames, including the number of frames, the size and placement of the frames, and the URL of the page that initially appears in each frame. The frameset file itself doesn’t contain HTML content that displays in a browser, except in the noframes section (see Handling browsers that can’t display frames); the frameset file simply provides information to the browser about how a set of frames should look and what documents should appear in them.

This section covers the following conceptual topics:

  • Understanding how frames and framesets work
  • Deciding whether to use frames
  • Understanding nested framesets

Related topics

  • Working with framesets in the Document window
  • Creating frames and framesets

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