Handling browsers that can’t display frames

Handling browsers that can’t display frames

Dreamweaver lets you specify content to display in text-based browsers and in older graphical browsers that do not support frames. This content is stored in the frameset file, wrapped in a noframes tag. When a browser that doesn’t support frames loads the frameset file, the browser displays only the content enclosed by the noframes tag.

To provide content for browsers that don’t support frames:

  1. Select Modify > Frameset > Edit NoFrames Content.

    Dreamweaver clears the Design view, and the words "NoFrames Content" appear at the top of the Design view.

  2. To create the NoFrames content, do one of the following:
    • In the Document window, type or insert the content just as you would for an ordinary document.
    • Select Window > Code Inspector, place the insertion point between the body tags that appear inside the noframes tags, then type the HTML code for the content.
  3. Select Modify > Frameset > Edit NoFrames Content again to return to the normal view of the frameset document.

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