About custom server behaviors

About custom server behaviors

Before creating your own server behaviors, you should check the Macromedia Exchange website to see if another party has already created a server behavior that supplies the functionality you’d like to add to your website. Often, a third-party developer has created and tested a server behavior that will address your needs.

The server behaviors and other extensions available through the Macromedia Exchange website allow you to easily add new features to Dreamweaver. Each server behavior includes a short description, user reviews, and a discussion group where you can post questions and get support for the server behaviors you download.

If you are going to create your own server behavior, you should be familiar with the web programming language used by your website. This chapter provides guidelines specific to creating server behaviors using Dreamweaver. It does not instruct you in programming languages or server behavior testing.

This section covers the following conceptual topics:

  • Server behaviors
  • About code blocks
  • Parameters in server behaviors
  • Making code blocks conditional
  • Effectively using conditional expressions
  • Repeating code blocks
  • Coding guidelines
  • Testing server behaviors

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