Adding Dynamic Content to Web Pages

Adding Dynamic Content to Web Pages

This chapter describes the most efficient ways of making various page elements dynamic. Once you define one or more sources of dynamic content, you can use the sources to add dynamic content to the page. Content sources can include a column in a recordset, a value submitted by an HTML form, the value contained in a server object, or other data. For more information, see Defining Sources of Dynamic Content.

In Macromedia Dreamweaver 8, you can place dynamic content almost anywhere in a web page or its HTML source code. You can place dynamic content at the insertion point, replace a text string, or insert it as an HTML attribute. For example, dynamic content can define the src attribute of an image, or the value attribute of a form field.

This chapter contains the following sections:

About adding dynamic content

Making text dynamic

Making images dynamic

Making HTML attributes dynamic

Making ActiveX, Flash, and other object parameters dynamic

Editing dynamic content

Deleting dynamic content

Creating dynamic pages in a Contribute site

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Preparing to Build Dynamic Sites
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Defining Sources of Dynamic Content
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