About adding dynamic content

About adding dynamic content

You can add dynamic content to a page by selecting a content source in the Bindings panel. Dreamweaver inserts a server-side script in the page’s code instructing the server to transfer the data from the content source to the page’s HTML code when the page is requested by a browser.

There is often more than one way to make a given page element dynamic. For example, to make an image dynamic you can use the Bindings panel, the Property inspector, or the Image command in the Insert menu.

By default, an HTML page can display only one record at a time. To display the other records in the recordset, you can add a link to move through the records one at a time (see Creating recordset navigation links), or you can create a repeated region to display more than one record on a single page (see Displaying multiple recordset results).

This section covers the following conceptual topics:

  • Dynamic text
  • Changing dynamic content

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