Inserting HTML radio buttons

Inserting HTML radio buttons

Use HTML radio buttons when you want users to select only one choice from a set of options. Radio buttons are typically used in groups. All radio buttons in a group must have the same name.

To insert a group of radio buttons:

  1. Place the insertion point inside the form outline.
  2. Select Insert > Form > Radio Group.

    The Radio Group dialog box appears.

  3. Complete the Radio Group dialog box and click OK.

    For instructions, see Setting the Radio Group dialog box options.

Dreamweaver inserts the radio button group within the HTML form. If you haven’t inserted a form on your page yet, Dreamweaver inserts one for you. If you want, you can change the layout of the group. You can also edit the radio buttons using the Property inspector or directly in Code view.

To insert radio buttons one at a time:

  1. Place the insertion point inside the form outline.
  2. Insert a radio button by selecting Insert > Form > Radio Button.

    A radio button appears in the document.

  3. In the Property inspector, set the radio button properties as desired.

    For more information, see Setting radio button properties.

  4. To label the radio button, click beside the radio button on the page and type the label text.

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