Displaying dynamic content in HTML text fields

Displaying dynamic content in HTML text fields

You can display dynamic content in HTML text fields.

For ASP.NET pages, you must use the ASP.NET TextBox control. For more information, see Displaying dynamic content in an ASP.NET TextBox control.

Before you begin, you must create the form in a ColdFusion, PHP, ASP, or JSP page, and you must define a recordset or other source of dynamic content for the text field. For more information, see Defining a recordset.

To make HTML text fields dynamic:

  1. Select the text field in the HTML form on your page.
  2. In the Property inspector, click the lightning bolt icon beside the Init Val text box.

    The Dynamic Data dialog box appears.

  3. Select the recordset column that will supply a value to the text field, then click OK.

The text field will display the dynamic content when the form is viewed in a browser.

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