Making existing HTML form menus dynamic

Making existing HTML form menus dynamic

You can make an existing HTML form menu or list menu dynamic.

This section deals with HTML form objects. For ASP.NET menu objects such as DropDownList or ListBox controls, see Making an existing ASP.NET menu dynamic.

Before you begin, you must create the form in a ColdFusion, PHP, ASP, or JSP page, and you must define a recordset or other source of dynamic content for the menu. For more information, see Defining a recordset.

To make an existing HTML form menu dynamic:

  1. In Design view, select the list/menu form object you want to make dynamic.
  2. In Property inspector, click the Dynamic button.

    The Dynamic List/Menu dialog box appears.

  3. Complete the dialog box and click OK.

    For instructions, see Setting the Dynamic List/Menu dialog box options.

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