Setting Input Name properties

Setting Input Name properties

This Property inspector appears when Dreamweaver encounters an unrecognized input type. Typically this occurs because of a typing or other data entry error.

If you change the field type in the Property inspector to a value that Dreamweaver recognizes--for example, if you correct the spelling error--the Property inspector updates to show the properties for the recognized type.

To set input name properties:

  • Set any of the following options in the Property inspector:

    Input Name assigns a name to the field. This text box is required, and the name must be unique.

    Type sets the input type of the field. The contents of this text box reflect the input type value that currently appears in your HTML source code.

    Value sets the value of the field.

    Parameters opens the Parameters dialog box so you can view the current attributes of the field, as well as add or remove attributes.

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