Setting menu properties

Setting menu properties

Use this Property inspector to set the properties of a menu in an HTML form.

To set menu properties:

  • Set any of the following options in the Property inspector:

    List/Menu assigns a name to the menu. The name must be unique.

    Type indicates whether the menu drops down when clicked (the Menu option) or displays a scrollable list of items (the List option). Select the Menu option if you want only one option to be visible when the form is displayed in a browser. To display the other choices, the user must click the down arrow.

    Select the List option if you want to list some or all the options when the form is displayed in a browser, as in the following illustration, or if you want to let users select multiple items.

    This is a picture of the feature being described.

    Height (List type only) sets the number of items displayed in the menu.

    Selections (List type only) indicates whether the user can select multiple items from the list.

    List Values opens a dialog box that lets you add items to the menu. For more information, see Setting the List Values dialog box options.

    Dynamic lets the server dynamically select an item in the menu when it is first displayed.

    Class lets you apply CSS rules to the object.

    Initially Selected sets the items selected in the list by default. Click the item or items in the list.

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