Setting the Dynamic Radio Group dialog box options

Setting the Dynamic Radio Group dialog box options

The Dynamic Radio Buttons dialog box lets you dynamically preselect a radio button within a group of buttons when the page is displayed, or when a record is displayed within the HTML form.

To set the dialog box options:

  1. In the Radio Button Group pop-up menu, select a form and radio button group in the page.

    The Radio Button Value text box displays the values of all radio buttons within the group.

  2. Select a value that you want to dynamically preselect from the list of values shown. This value is displayed in the Value text box.
  3. Click the lightning bolt icon beside the Select Value Equal To box and select a recordset containing possible checked values for the radio buttons in the group.

    The recordset you select should contain values matching the radio buttons’ checked values. To view the checked values of the radio buttons, select each radio button and open its Property inspector (Window > Properties).

  4. Click OK.

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