Setting the Client Variable dialog box options (ColdFusion)

Setting the Client Variable dialog box options (ColdFusion)

This dialog box defines a ColdFusion client variable as a source of dynamic content for the page.

To define a ColdFusion client variable:

  1. In the Name text box enter the name of the variable.

    For example, if you want to access the information in the Client.LastVisit ColdFusion variable, enter LastVisit.

    Client variables are variables created in the code to associate data with a specific client. Client variables maintain the application’s state as the user moves from page to page within the application, as well as from session to session.

    Client variables can be user-defined or built-in. The following table lists the built-in ColdFusion client variables:




    An incremental ID for each client that connects to the server.


    A randomly generated number used to uniquely identify a particular client.


    A combination of CFID and CFTOKEN to be passed between templates when cookies are not used.


    Records the timestamp of the last visit made by a client.


    The number of page requests tied to a single client (tracked using CFID and CFTOKEN).


    Records the timestamp when CFID and CFTOKEN were first created for a particular client.

  2. Click OK.

    The newly defined ColdFusion client variables appear in the Bindings panel.

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