Navigation bar design tasks

Navigation bar design tasks

When creating a custom navigation bar, begin by creating its visual representation using the Dreamweaver page-design tools. You don’t have to create a link for the text string or image, Dreamweaver will create one for you.

The page you create the navigation bar for must contain a recordset to navigate. For more information, see Understanding recordsets.

A simple recordset navigation bar might look like this, with link buttons created out of images, or other content elements:

This is a picture of the feature being described.

After you have added a recordset to a page, and have created a navigation bar, you must apply individual server behaviors to each navigation element. For example, a typical recordset navigation bar contains representations of the following links matched to the appropriate behavior:

Navigation link

Server behavior

Go to first page

Move to first page

Go to previous page

Move to previous page

Go to next page

Move to next page

Go to last page

Move to last page

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