Displaying and hiding regions based on recordset results

Displaying and hiding regions based on recordset results

Dreamweaver includes a set of server behaviors that let you show or hide a region based on the results returned by a recordset. For example, in a page using "Previous" and "Next" record links to navigate a results page, you can specify that the "Previous" records link be shown on all results pages except the first (which has no previous results), and that the "Next" records link be shown on all pages except the last (which has no next results).

You can also specify that a region be displayed or hidden based on whether the recordset is empty or not. If a recordset is empty (for example, no records were found matching the query), you can display a message informing the user that no records were returned. This is especially useful when creating search pages that rely on user input search terms to run queries against. Similarly, you can display an error message if there is a problem connecting to a database, or if a user’s user name and password do not match those recognized by the server.

The Show Region server behaviors are:

  • Show If Recordset Is Empty
  • Show If Recordset Is Not Empty
  • Show If First Page
  • Show If Not First Page
  • Show If Last Page
  • Show If Not Last Page

To learn how to apply the Show Region server behaviors, see Showing and hiding regions based on recordset results.

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