Setting the Edit Format List dialog box options

Setting the Edit Format List dialog box options

The purpose of this dialog box to create new data formats, or customize existing ones.

To complete the Edit Format List dialog box:

  1. To create a new data format, click the Plus (+) button.
  2. To edit an existing data format, select the format from the list and click Edit.
  3. Complete the dialog box and click OK.

    For instructions, see Setting the Currency, Number, or Percent dialog box options.

  4. If creating a new format, specify a name for it.
  5. If modifying an existing format, change the name of the format if desired by clicking its name in the list and modifying it.
  6. To delete a data format, click the format in the list and click the Minus (-) button.
  7. Click OK to close the Edit Format List dialog box.

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