Performing XSL transformations on the server

Performing XSL transformations on the server

You can use Dreamweaver to create entire XSLT pages or XSLT fragments for use in dynamic web pages. An entire XSLT page is a page that, when transformed, generates a full HTML page. An XSLT fragment is a piece of code, used by a separate document, that, when transformed, displays XML data.

Macromedia recommends that you read About server-side XSL transformations before proceeding with any of the following procedures.

This section contains the following topics:

  • Workflow for performing server-side XSL transformations
  • Creating XSLT pages
  • Converting HTML pages to XSLT pages
  • Attaching XML data sources
  • Displaying XML data in XSLT pages
  • Displaying repeating XML elements
  • Editing a Repeat Region XSLT object
  • Inserting XSLT fragments in dynamic pages
  • Deleting XSLT fragments from dynamic pages
  • Editing XSL Transformation server behaviors
  • Using parameters with XSL transformations
  • Creating conditional XSLT regions
  • Editing a Conditional Region XSLT object
  • Inserting XSL comments

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