Requirements for displaying live data

Requirements for displaying live data

To view live data in Design view, you must do the following:

  • Define a folder to process dynamic pages. For instructions, see Specifying where dynamic pages can be processed.

    When you enable Live Data, a temporary copy of the open document is sent to the folder for processing. The resulting page is returned and displayed in Design view, and the temporary copy on the server is deleted.

    If the page displays an error message when you enable Live Data, make sure the URL prefix in the Site Definition dialog box is correct. For more information, see Connecting to a database.

  • Copy related files (if any) to the folder. For more information, see Copying dependent files.
  • Provide the page with any parameters a user would normally provide. For instructions, see Providing the page with expected parameters.

If you have difficulty getting Live Data view to work, see Troubleshooting Live Data view.

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