Adding dynamic content to a web page

Adding dynamic content to a web page

After you define a recordset or other data source, and add it to the Bindings panel, you can insert the dynamic content the recordset represents into the page. The Dreamweaver menu-driven interface makes adding dynamic content elements as easy as selecting a dynamic content source from the Bindings panel, and inserting it into an appropriate text, image, or form object within the current page.

When you insert a dynamic content element or other server behavior into a page, Dreamweaver inserts a server-side script into the page’s source code. This script instructs the server to retrieve data from the defined data source and render it within the web page.

  • To place dynamic content within a web page, you can do one of the following:
  • Place it at the insertion point in either Code or Design view.
  • Replace a text string or other placeholder.

Insert it into an HTML attribute. For example, dynamic content can define the src attribute of an image or the value attribute of a form field.

For detailed procedures on adding dynamic content to a page, see the following chapters:

  • Defining Sources of Dynamic Content
  • Creating Forms

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