Setting the Default Proxy Generator dialog box options

Setting the Default Proxy Generator dialog box options

This dialog box lets you set the properties of a default proxy generator.

To configure the default proxy generator:

  1. Set the following properties:

    Name The name of the proxy generator instance to appear in the pop-up menu.

    Server Models Supported The list of server models that the proxy generator supports. You can edit the list by using the Plus (+) and Minus (-) buttons.

    Clicking the Plus (+) button displays the Select Server Models dialog box. Select a server model from the list of available server models, and click OK.

    Generate Proxy Command Generate proxy source code from WSDL information. The following tokens can be used in the proxy generator commands:

    Compile Proxy Command Compiles the proxy source code to executable code.

    Introspect Compiled Proxy Introspect the compiled proxy by selecting an introspector from the pop-up menu.

    Destination Folder Folder in which to put the compiled web service proxy and its source code.

  2. Click OK.

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