Setting the Web Services Chooser dialog box options

Setting the Web Services Chooser dialog box options

This dialog box lets you select a web service and generate a proxy that lets the page access the service.

To set the Web Services Chooser dialog box options:

  1. Set the following options:

    URL of WSDL file Enter either the URL or local file path of the WSDL file. This information is read as input by Dreamweaver, and is used to generate the proxy and scripting information for the web service.

    Proxy Generator Select a proxy generator that supports your chosen document type to generate a web service proxy.

    Explorer button Select from a menu that contains plain-English names of URLs to UDDI registries and other significant repositories of WSDL files. After you select a menu item, a browser appears and opens the selected URL. The Choosing Edit Browser List opens the dialog box for editing browser preferences.

  2. Click OK.

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