Using the Remove Connection Scripts command

Using the Remove Connection Scripts command

The purpose of the Remove Connection Scripts command is to remove scripts that Dreamweaver places in a remote folder to access databases. These scripts are only needed for design-time authoring in Dreamweaver.

When you select the Using Driver on Testing Server option or the Using DSN on Testing Server option in the Database Connections dialog box, Dreamweaver automatically uploads an MMHTTPDB script file to the testing server. This allows Dreamweaver to manipulate the remote database driver with the HTTP protocol, which in turn allows Dreamweaver to get the database information it needs to help you create your site. However, this file does make it possible to see the data source names (DSNs) defined on the system. If the DSNs and databases are not password protected, the script also enables an attacker to issue SQL commands to the database.

The MMHTTPDB script files are located in the _mmServerScripts folder, which is located in the root of your website.

In some configurations these scripts are not necessary at all. The scripts are not involved when serving web pages to visitors to your website, so they should not be placed on a production server.

If you’ve uploaded the MMHTTPDB scripts file to a production server, you should delete the MMHTTPDB scripts file. The Remove Connection Scripts command automatically removes the script files for you.

For more information, see TechNote 19214 on the Macromedia website at

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