What you need to build web applications

What you need to build web applications

To build web applications in Dreamweaver, you need the following software:

  • A web server (see Setting up a web server)
  • An application server that works with your web server (see Setting up an application server)

If you want to use a database with your application, you need the following additional software:

  • A database system
  • A database driver that supports your database

For information on setting up a database for your web application, see Connecting to a database.

Several web hosting companies offer plans that let you use their software to test and deploy web applications. In some cases, you can install the required software on the same computer as Dreamweaver for development purposes. You can also install the software on a network computer (typically a Windows 2000 or XP computer) so that other developers on your team can work on a project.

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