Troubleshooting Microsoft error messages

Troubleshooting Microsoft error messages

This section describes some common Microsoft error messages and ways to troubleshoot them. These errors can occur if you use Internet Information Server (IIS) with a Microsoft database system such as Access or SQL Server. These errors normally occur when you request a dynamic page from the server.

The following errors messages are covered in this section:

  • 80004005--Data source name not found and no default driver specified (other variations of this message include "80004005--Driver's SQLSetConnectAttr failed," and "80004005--General error Unable to open registry key ‘DriverId’")
  • 80004005--Couldn’t use ‘(unknown)’; file already in use (another variation is "80004005--Microsoft Jet database engine cannot open the file (unknown)")
  • 80004005--Logon Failed()
  • 80004005--Operation must use an updateable query
  • 80040e07--Data type mismatch in criteria expression
  • 80040e10--Too few parameters
  • 80040e10--COUNT field incorrect
  • 80040e14--Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement
  • 80040e21--ODBC error on Insert or Update
  • 800a0bcd--Either BOF or EOF is true

For more information on 80004005 errors, see "INFO: Troubleshooting Guide for 80004005 Errors in Active Server Pages and Microsoft Data Access Components (Q306518)," on the Microsoft website at;en-us;Q306518.

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