80004005--Logon Failed()

80004005--Logon Failed()

This error occurs when you use Microsoft SQL Server and attempt to view a dynamic page in a web browser or in Live Data mode.

This error is generated by SQL Server if it doesn’t accept or recognize the logon account or password being submitted (if you’re using standard security), or if a Windows account does not map to a SQL account (if you’re using integrated security).

Here are possible solutions:

  • If you use standard security, the account name and password might be incorrect. Try the system Admin account and password (UID= "sa" and no password), which must be defined in the connection string line. (DSNs do not store user names and passwords.)
  • If you use integrated security, check the Windows account calling the page and find its mapped SQL account (if any).
  • SQL Server does not allow an underscore in SQL account names. If someone manually maps the Windows IUSR_machinename account to a SQL account of the same name, it will fail. Map any account that uses an underscore to an account name on SQL that does not use an underscore.

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