File transfer to or from a Contribute site

File transfer to or from a Contribute site

Contribute uses a system much like the Dreamweaver Check In/Check Out system to ensure that only one user at a time can edit a given web page. When you enable Contribute compatibility in Dreamweaver, the Dreamweaver Check In/Check Out system is automatically enabled.

To transfer files to and from a Contribute site using Dreamweaver, always use the Check In and Check Out commands. If you instead use the Put and Get commands to transfer files, you may overwrite the modifications that a Contribute user has recently made to a file.

Checking a file out from a Contribute site works just as it does in any other site.

When you check a file in to a Contribute site, Dreamweaver automatically makes a backup copy of the previously checked in version of the file in the _baks folder and adds your user name and a date stamp to a Design Notes file so others can see who checked in the file and when. For more information about automatic backup copies, see Enabling Contribute users to access templates without root folder access.

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