Setting options for the Contribute category in the Site Definition dialog box

Setting options for the Contribute category in the Site Definition dialog box

Use the options in this category of the Site Definition dialog box to enable Macromedia Contribute compatibility features.

To use Dreamweaver to work with Contribute:

  1. Select the Enable Contribute Compatibility option to use Dreamweaver to administer a Contribute site.

    When you enable Contribute compatibility, Dreamweaver automatically enables Design Notes (including the Upload Design Notes for Sharing option) and the Check In/Check Out system.

  2. If a dialog box appears saying that you must enable Design Notes and Check In/Check Out, click OK.
  3. If you haven’t already provided your Check In/Check Out contact information, a dialog box appears asking for that information; type your name and e-mail address in the dialog box, then click OK.

    Rollback status, CPS status, the Site Root URL text box, and the Administer Website button appear in the Site Definition dialog box.

    If Rollback is enabled in Contribute, you’ll have the ability to roll back to previous versions of files that you’ve changed in Dreamweaver. For more information, see Rolling back files (Contribute users).

    If CPS is enabled on the remote site, then Dreamweaver will notify the CPS every time you trigger a network operation such as checking in, rolling back, or publishing a file. The CPS will log these events, and you can view the log in the CPS Administration Console. For more information, see Logging events.

  4. Check the URL that Dreamweaver supplied in the Site Root URL text box and correct it if necessary.

    Dreamweaver constructs a site root URL based on other site-definition information you’ve provided, but sometimes the constructed URL isn’t quite right. You must ensure that Dreamweaver is using the correct URL for the site root before you can administer a Contribute site.

  5. Click the Test button to verify that you’ve entered the correct URL.
  6. Click the Administer Site in Contribute button to administer.
  7. Click OK to close the Site Definition dialog box.

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