Managing Site Assets and Libraries

Managing Site Assets and Libraries

As you develop websites, you accumulate a growing number of assets. In some cases, you might use the same assets across multiple sites, or perhaps you have a set of favored assets that you use in all your sites. You can use Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 to manage your site assets. You can easily keep track of and preview several kinds of assets that you have stored in your site, such as images, movies, colors, scripts, and links. You can also drag an asset directly to your current document to insert it in a page.

Dreamweaver also provides access to two special types of assets--libraries and templates. Library items and templates are linked assets: editing a library item or template updates all documents in which these assets have been applied. Library items are intended for individual design elements, such as a site’s copyright information or a logo. Templates let you control a larger design area. (For more information, see Managing Templates.)

The following topics are covered in this chapter:

About library items

Working with assets

Creating and managing a list of favorite assets

Working with library items

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