Adding an asset to a document

Adding an asset to a document

You can insert most kinds of assets into a document by dragging them into the Code view or Design view in the Document window, or by using the Insert button. You can either insert colors and URLs or apply them to selected text in the Design view. (URLs can also be applied to other elements in the Design view, such as images.)

To insert an asset in a document:

  1. Place the insertion point in the Design view where you want the asset to appear.
  2. In the Assets panel (Window > Assets), select the category on the left side of the panel for the type of asset you want to insert.
  3. Select either Site or Favorites at the top of the panel, then select the asset you want to insert.

    There are no Site or Favorites lists for library items; skip this step if you’re inserting a library item.

  4. Do one of the following:
    • Drag the asset from the panel to the document.

      You can drag scripts into the head content area of the Document window; if that area isn’t showing, select View > Head Content.

    • Select the asset in the panel, then click Insert at the bottom of the panel.

    The asset is inserted in the document. (If the asset is a color, it applies starting at the insertion point; that is, subsequent typing appears in that color.)

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