Refreshing the Assets panel

Refreshing the Assets panel

It can take a few seconds for the Assets panel to create the Site list because it needs to read the site cache to create the list.

Certain changes don’t appear immediately in the Assets panel:

  • When you add or remove an asset from your site, the changes won’t appear in the Assets panel until you refresh the Site list by clicking the Refresh Site List button. If you add or remove an asset outside of Dreamweaver--using Windows Explorer or the Finder, for example--you must rebuild the site cache to update the Assets panel.
  • When you remove the only instance of a particular color or URL in your site, or when you save a new file that contains a color or URL that isn’t already used in the site, the changes won’t appear in the Assets panel until you refresh the Site list.

To manually refresh the Site list:

  1. In the Assets panel (Window > Assets), select the Site option at the top of the panel to see the Site list.
  2. Click the Refresh Site List button at the bottom of the Assets panel.This is a picture of the feature being described.

    Dreamweaver creates the site cache or updates it as necessary, and the Assets panel updates to show the site assets.

To manually rebuild the site cache and refresh the Site list:

  • In the Assets panel (Window > Assets), right-click (Windows) or Command-click (Macintosh) in the Assets list, then select Refresh Site List.

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