About background file transfers

About background file transfers

Dreamweaver lets you perform other, non-server-related, activities while you’re getting or putting files. Background file transfer works for all of the transfer protocols supported by Dreamweaver: FTP, SFTP, LAN, WebDAV, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, and RDS.

Non-server-related activities include common operations like typing, editing external style sheets, generating site-wide reports, and creating new sites.

Server-related activities that Dreamweaver cannot perform during file transfers include the following:

  • Put/Get/Check in/Check out files.
  • Undo check-out.
  • Create a database connection.
  • Bind dynamic data.
  • Preview Live Data.
  • Insert a Web Service.
  • Delete remote files or folders.
  • Preview in Browser on a testing server.
  • Save a file to a remote server.
  • Insert an image from a remote server.
  • Open a file from a remote server.
  • Auto put files upon saving.
  • Drag files to the remote site.
  • Cut, copy, or paste files on the remote site.
  • Refresh Remote view.

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