About site cloaking

About site cloaking

Site cloaking enables you to exclude folders and file types from operations such as Get or Put. You can cloak individual folders, but not individual files. To cloak files, you must select a file type and Dreamweaver cloaks all files of that type. Dreamweaver remembers your settings for each site so that you don’t have to make selections each time you work on that site.

For example, if you’re working on a large site and don’t want to upload your multimedia files each day, you can use site cloaking to cloak your multimedia folder, and the system excludes files in that folder from site operations you perform.

You can cloak folders and file types on the remote or local site. Cloaking excludes cloaked folders and files from the following operations:

  • Performing Put, Get, Check In, and Check Out operations
  • Generating reports
  • Finding newer local and newer remote files
  • Performing sitewide operations, such as checking and changing links
  • Synchronizing
  • Working with Asset panel contents
  • Updating templates and libraries

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