Comparing files for differences

Comparing files for differences

Dreamweaver can work with file comparison tools (also known as "diff tools") to compare the code of local and remote versions of the same file, two different remote files, or two different local files. Comparing local and remote versions is useful if you’re working on a file locally and you suspect the copy of the file on the server has been modified by someone else. Without leaving Dreamweaver, you can view and merge the remote changes into your local version before putting the file to the server.

Comparing two local files or two remote files is also useful if you keep previous, renamed versions of your files. If you’ve forgotten the changes made to a file from a previous version, a quick comparison will remind you.

Before you start, you must install a third-party file comparison tool on your system. For more information on file comparison tools, see the Macromedia website at You must also specify the tool in Dreamweaver after you have installed it, as outlined later in this section.

This section covers the following topics:

  • Comparing two files
  • Comparing before putting files
  • Comparing when synchronizing files
  • Specifying a comparison tool in Dreamweaver

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