Comparing before putting files

Comparing before putting files

If you edit a file locally and then try to upload it to your remote server, Dreamweaver will notify you if the remote version of the file has changed. Dreamweaver gives you the option of comparing the two files before you upload the file and overwrite the remote version.

Before you start, you must install a file comparison tool on your system and specify it in Dreamweaver. For more information, see Specifying a comparison tool in Dreamweaver.

To compare files when putting a file:

  1. After editing a file in a Dreamweaver site, put the file (Site > Put) to your remote site.

    If the remote version of the file has been modified, Dreamweaver notifies you and gives you the option of seeing the differences.

  2. To view the differences, click the Compare button.

    The file comparison tool starts and compares the two files.

    If you haven’t specified a file comparison tool, Dreamweaver prompts you to specify one.

  3. After you’ve reviewed or merged the changes in the tool, you can proceed with the Put operation or cancel it.

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