Setting Site preference options

Setting Site preference options

The purpose of this dialog box is to set site preferences for the Files panel.

To set site preferences for the Files panel:

  1. Change the following options as necessary:

    Always Show specifies which site (remote or local) is always shown, and in which Files panel pane (left or right) the local and remote files appear.

    By default, the local site always appears on the right. Whichever pane is not chosen (the left one by default) is the changeable pane: this pane can display either the site map or the files in the other site (the remote site by default).

    Dependent Files displays a prompt for transferring dependent files (such as images, external style sheets, and other files referenced in the HTML file) that the browser loads when it loads the HTML file. By default, both Prompt on Get/Check Out and Prompt on Put/Check In are selected.

    FTP Connection determines whether the connection to the remote site is terminated after the specified number of minutes have passed with no activity.

    FTP Time Out specifies the number of seconds in which Dreamweaver attempts to make a connection with the remote server.

    If there is no response after the specified amount of time, Dreamweaver displays a warning dialog box alerting you to this fact.

    FTP Transfer options determines whether Dreamweaver selects the default option, after a specified number of seconds, when a dialog box appears during a file transfer and there is no user response.

    Firewall Host specifies the address of the proxy server through which you connect to outside servers if you are behind a firewall.

    If you are not behind a firewall, leave this space blank. If you are behind a firewall, select the Use Firewall option in the Site Definition dialog box. (See Setting up a remote folder.)

    Firewall Port specifies the port in your firewall through which you pass to connect to the remote server. If you connect through a port other than 21 (the default for FTP), enter the number here.

    Put Options: Save Files Before Putting indicates that unsaved files are saved automatically before being put onto the remote site.

    Manage Sites opens the Manage Sites dialog box, where you can edit an existing site or create a new one.

  2. Click OK.

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