Setting the Design Notes category options

Setting the Design Notes category options

The purpose of this dialog box is to enable or disable Design Notes for a site.

To enable Design Notes:

  1. Select Maintain Design Notes.
  2. Select Upload Design Notes for Sharing to upload Design Notes associated with your site with the rest of your documents.

    If you select this option, you can share Design Notes with the rest of your team. When you put or get a file, Dreamweaver automatically puts or gets the associated Design Notes file.

    If you do not select this option, Dreamweaver maintains Design Notes locally but does not upload them with your files. If you work alone on your site, you can deselect this option to improve performance of file transfers.

  3. Click OK.

To disable Design Notes:

  1. Deselect Maintain Design Notes.
  2. Click Clean Up, then click Yes if you want Dreamweaver to delete all local Design Notes files for your site.
  3. Click OK.

    A dialog box appears, asking if you would like to delete existing Design Notes files.

  4. Click Yes to delete Design Notes files or No to leave them in place.
  5. Click OK to close the Site Definition dialog box.

To use Design Notes locally only:

  • Deselect Upload for Sharing.

Design Notes will not be transferred to the remote site when you check in/put your files. You will still be able to add and modify the Design Notes for your site locally.

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