Inserting HTML comments

Inserting HTML comments

A comment is descriptive text that you insert in HTML code to explain the code or provide other information. The text of the comment appears only in Code view and is not displayed in a browser.

To insert a comment at the insertion point:

  • Select Insert > Comment.

    In Code view, Dreamweaver inserts a comment tag and places the insertion point in the middle of the tag. Type your comment.

    In Design view, Dreamweaver displays the Comment dialog box. Type your comment and click OK.

To display comment markers in Design view:

  • Select View > Visual Aids > Invisible Elements.

    Make sure that the Comments option is selected in the Invisible Elements preferences or the comment marker will not appear.

To edit an existing comment, do one of the following:

  • In Design view, select the Comment marker and edit the comment’s text in the Property inspector.
  • In Code view, find the comment and edit its text.

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