Inserting code quickly with the Insert bar

Inserting code quickly with the Insert bar

You can use the Insert bar to quickly add code to your page.

To insert code quickly:

  1. Position the insertion point in the code.
  2. Select an appropriate category in the Insert bar.
  3. Click a button in the Insert bar, or select an item from a pop-up menu in the Insert bar.

    When you click an icon, the code may appear in your page immediately, or a dialog box may appear requesting more information to complete the code.

To find out what each button does, point to the button with the mouse pointer and wait for a tooltip to appear. The number and type of buttons available in the Insert bar varies depending on the current document type. It also depends on whether you’re using Code view or Design view.

Though the Insert bar provides a collection of frequently used tags, it is not comprehensive. To choose from a more comprehensive selection of tags, use the Tag Chooser.

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